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Our Town "Kozhencherry"

Kozhencherry is a small town in Pathanamthitta district of Central Travancore region (South Central Kerala) in Kerala state, South India. It is on the banks of river Pampa. It is a commercial centre with many of the Banks and trade companies have their establishments here. It is believed that once the Kovilans of Thekencore kingdom's ruled this area. Kozhencherry used to be a part of the erstwhile Travancore kingdom. One of the five Taluks in Pathanamthitta district is also named Kozhencherry. The other taluks are Tiruvalla, Mallapally, Ranni, and Adoor.The population of Kozhencherry consists of Syrian Christian (Marthomites, Orthodox, CSI, Pentecostals, Catholics, etc), and Hindus (Nairs, Brahmins, Ezhavas, Scheduled Castes, Konkanis, etc).

Till the nineteenth century there were no proper roads in this area. The form of transportation was by boats. So the main market of Kozhencherry is near the river. Now there are proper roads leading to all the small villages nearby.The T.K.Road ( Tiruvalla-Pathanamthitta-Kumbazha Road / SH - 07 ) and M.K.Road (Mavelikkara-Kozhencherry Road) connects the town to other major towns. A bridge connecting Kozhencherry and Maramon was opened in 1948.

Kozhencherry is the biggest township between the two major commercial centres in Central Travancore viz, Pathanamthitta and Thiruvalla. This geographical position makes Kozhencherry a trade point. Branches of various banks can be seen at every corner of the town. Tuesdays and Fridays were the market days. Because it was on the way from the sea ports to the interior, jungle produce were the main trading item. The products included coconut, rubber, cocoa, tapioca, plantain, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, vanilla, rambutan and other crops. Now, most of the week days the markets are open supplying the needs of the local population.

Kozhencherry is one of the traditional strongholds of the Marthoma Church. Maramon is a small town on the banks of Pampa River, opposite Kozhencherry town. The dry river-bed of the Pampa between Maramon and Kozhencherry,witnesses the annual Maramon Convention, the largest Christian gathering in Asia. This convention is held for a week in February.

The dry river-bed of river Pampa, between Ayroor and Kozhencherry, witnesses the annual gathering, the Cherukolpuzha Hindu Parishad.(convention). The convention is held for a week in February.

Aranmula a suburb of Kozhencherry, is famous for its Parthasathi Temple. This is the venue of the annual Snake Boat race on the Pampa, a water theme festival bringing in palliyodams (snake boats) from all over the state, to which thousands of tourists are attracted every year.